Learning the cleverest way to implement strategic plans

The operational planning process was the theme for a recent five day course organized by EUPOL COPPS to assist the senior level of the Palestinian Civil Police in operationalizing their Strategic Plan and make it move forward.

The Palestinian Civil Police Strategic Plan 2017-2022 outlines four* strategic objectives, referred to as Goals. To put the plan in motion, each of the Goals must be broken further down to sub-goals and actions. This process is time-consuming and demanding, but it is needed to operationalize the implementation of the plan.

Operational planning assists execution
25 senior Police Officers and Managers from the Palestinian Civil Police participated in the course to expand their knowledge on operational planning techniques, skills and tools. Specifically, they were familiarized with the importance of developing objectives, activities, indicators, time lines and how best to monitor and evaluate operational progress. The participants were also introduced to how development and implementation of operational plans can assist operational execution and performance and help accomplish the overall Goals.

“To further assist the participants in their work with the Strategic Plan, we also presented them with templates, which they can use to develop and monitor their plans, as well as a selection of Human Resources Strategies”, explains Barbara Kelly, the Mission’s Senior Police Adviser on Institutional Development and Human Resources, who is co-organizer of the course.

Four generals participated the course
The group of participants included the four so-called Goal Owners, each responsible for their Goal, with the rank of Brigadier General and serving as the Assistants to the Chief of Police and Police Inspector General. Also representatives from the levels below were represented, including District Commanders and Heads of Specialized Administrations.

As a way forward, the Palestinian Civil Police Senior Management will schedule individual meetings for the each of the Goal Groups enabling them to streamline their efforts and work on efficiencies.

Ultimately, better planning means better service delivery to Palestinian people!

* Security and Public Order; Good Governance and High Quality Services; Human and Material Resources and Institutional Development.

Top Photo: Participants discussing how the strategic objectives of the Palestinian Civil Police can be operationalized to facilitate timely implementation of the Strategic Plan 2017-2022.
Bottom Photo: Twenty-five participants, including four generals, participated in the course, which took place in Ramallah in early May 2019.