Combining Police specialties: When one plus one becomes three

Community Policing is the collaboration between local police and citizens of a community aiming at preventing and solving problems. Information Led-Policing enables the police to direct its activities proactively to prevent and handle crimes more efficiently. Combining these two police specialities, offers a promising potential to multiply the efficiency of police work.

A recent workshop, held in Ramallah, aimed to develop this potential further and to build better awareness and more understanding among officers of the Palestinian Civil Police as to the way Community Policing is linked with Information-Led Policing. The workshop elaborated how the two branches can increase their cooperation to improve the overall policing effort in the West Bank.

Can we make 1+1=3?
“The joint workshop should reveal if a stronger cooperation between the two branches can unfold a joint potential and increase their consolidated overall performance. In other words, we wanted to explore, if the branches will be able to make 1+1=3”, said the Mission’s Senior Police Adviser on Information Led-Policing, Timo Kilpelainen.

Presentations and briefings were made by Colonel Dr. Adil Suleiman, Head of the Department of Information; Colonel Farid Ladadwa, Head of the Community Policing Coordination Unit; Strategic Police Adviser David Smith from the British Support Team and the Mission’s Information Led-Policing Adviser Boel Karlsson and Community Policing Adviser Nina Krug.

Concrete activities to enhance cooperation
The workshop allowed time for questions and discussions in which the participants engaged actively. They were mainly Community Policing District Coordinators and Analyst Officers working with Information-Led Policing in the Police Headquarters and Districts.

During the brainstorming session the participants produced several concrete ideas to enhance the cooperation between their branches. These included periodic meetings between the branches, awareness raising activities on the importance of cooperation and additional joint training.

Top Photo: 27 participants joined the workshop arranged by the Mission’s Community Policing and Information-Led Policing Advisers together with the Palestinian Civil Police’s ‘Department of Information’ and ‘Community Policing Coordination Unit’ and sponsored by the British Support Team.
Bottom Photo: The organizers of the workshop (from left): The Mission’s Interpreter, Michel Siriani; Strategic Police Adviser David Smith from the British Support Team; EUPOL COPPS’ Community Policing Adviser Nina Krug; The Mission’s Interpreter, Imad Yaish; EUPOL COPPS’ Information Led-Policing Advisers Timo Kilpelainen and Boel Karlsson.

The concept of Information-Led Policing is also referred to as Intelligence-Led Policing.