Studying performance based career development

Performance based career development and advancement is a key component in modern Human Resources Management within police services. Consequently, the Mission’s long standing counterpart, the Palestinian Civil Police, pursues ways to further the development of a performance based evaluation system within their ranks.

To support this effort, the Mission organized a study trip from 17 to 21 February 2019 to Amman, Jordan for five Senior Police Officers from the Human Resources Core Team of the Palestinian Civil Police accompanied by two EUPOL COPPS Mission Members. The purpose of the study trip was to consult the Jordanian Public Security Service to study their methods and systems for employee Performance Evaluation.

In June last year, the Jordanian Police initiated a restructuration of their workforce. One of the initiatives currently being implemented is a streamlined Performance Evaluation System for their non-commissioned and commissioned officers. Each individual employee’s performance is evaluated based on organizational, functional and behavioral competencies. The Palestinian participants took note of the advantages of the Jordanian system, which was presented through a series of sessions offered by Jordanian Senior Human Resource Management Officers.

Additionally, the Jordanian hosts arranged for a field visit to the Jarash Police District, where the District Commander shared the practicalities and effects of Human Resources and staffing matters in his district.

The overall experience gained from the study trip will help to determine the path forward for Human Resources Management within the Palestinian Civil Police.

Top Photo: The five Palestinian Senior Police Officers from the Human Resources Core Team with two Mission Members and two Jordanian Police Officers (uniformed).
Bottom Photo: The deliberations on the benefits of applying performance based career development served to determine the components necessary for further development of a similar system suitable for the Palestinian Civil Police.