New police gender initiative launched through roadshow

For the past months the Gender Unit of the Palestinian Civil Police has developed and prepared a communication campaign to further the implementation of the Police Gender Strategy. These weeks, the campaign is being rolled out across the West Bank on a roadshow.

The 6-month long campaign aims to promote a better understanding of the benefits of a gender balanced police service and to stimulate the acceptance of equal opportunities for male and female police officers. The first part of the campaign, launched in January, is targeting personnel within the police service. Later the campaign will engage a wider public audience. 

The roadshow ensures that the campaign reaches all police districts in the West Bank. Mission members from EUPOL COPPS attend each of the workshops, where senior police officers from the districts are being briefed about the campaign and have the opportunity to discuss how equal opportunities can be achieved in their district. At the latest workshop in Jenin our team was warmly welcomed and had the opportunity to contribute to the enthusiastic discussions on gender mainstreaming.

Photo: (From left): EUPOL COPPS interpreter Ihab Abu Hijleh; Head of the Police Gender Unit Lieutenant Colonel Wafa' Al-Hussein; Police Adviser Alessandro Buono; Brigadier Ibrahim Abu Ein, Assistant to the Chief of Police for Planning and Development; Colonel Nadi Halahleh, Jenin Police District Commander; Police Advisor Sally MacKinnon; and Lieutenant Colonel Wafa' Sharqawi, Office of the Assistant to the Chief of Police for Planning and Development.