Firm IT security strengthens the public’s trust

In Palestine and elsewhere, public institutions are constantly challenged when it comes to digital handling of sensitive information in a way that earn public trust. A key element is maintaining a firm high level of IT security.

The Ministry of Justice is serviced by its own IT Unit, which offers various IT services, both ordinary office applications and applications designed to support specific public services, such as generating non-conviction certificates. 

To assist and advice the Ministry of Justice on IT security matters, two Visiting Experts from Sweden have been working closely with the ministry’s IT Unit to gain an understanding of current issues, identify potential risks, analyse the options for security improvements and offer best practices in planning for enhanced IT security.

The two-week visit, arranged by EUPOL COPPS, will encompass short term advice for immediate implementation as well as longer term advice. This week, the Head of the IT department of the Swedish Prosecution Authority, Mr Anders Thoursie and his colleague, Head of the IT Security Unit, Mr Davor Lukic completed the second week of the visit. “It has been interesting to meet the team from the Ministry’s IT Unit and exchange experiences. They have to manage a wide range of responsibilities with limited resources.

Taking that into account, in my mind, they are doing an excellent job. Nevertheless, it is clear, that we can offer useful advice”, said Anders Thoursie. “The Visiting Experts have advised us on a variety of security matters at the network level, on security systems, on operating systems, on applications, and on programming and databases. This has had a significant impact on our knowledge of how to strengthen our infrastructure to ensure a secure and reliable IT environment”, explained Ms Hanan Yaghi, Head of the Ministry’s IT Unit.

“We have learned how to analyse, develop, maintain and evaluate our infrastructure using systematic tools. This enables us to measure our progress, it tells us where we stand and what we must improve. We are very thankful for the valuable support and really appreciate the efforts and openness of the two experts”, she concluded. Besides the advice dispensed during the two-week visit, the Mission is organizing a follow-up study visit to Sweden in March for members of the Ministry’s IT Unit.

Top Photo: (From left): Visiting Expert, Mr Davor Lukic; Ms Hiba Sleman; Visiting Expert, Mr Anders Thoursie; Mr Obada Sa’ade; Head of the Ministry’s IT Unit, Ms Hanan Yaghi; Ms Haya Ammar; Mr Karmel Rahimi; Mr Ibrahim Salmen; and the Mission’s Ministerial Legal and Administration Expert, Mr Lennart Gune.
Bottom Photo: A working session in the IT Unit of the Ministry of Justice.