Fighting crime with information

Information Led-Policing is a concept used to enable the police to direct their law enforcing activities proactively in order to prevent and handle crimes, threats or disorder more efficiently.

The method implies collection of information from a wider range of sources, transforming the information through an analytical process and thereby establishing sufficient clarity to assess the problem and apply a timely, adequate and proportionate response.

Information-Led Policing (ILP) is acknowledged as an effective tool for police managements to prioritize their resources and to plan and conduct knowledge based police operations. The method is also well suited to mitigate community problems. It offers a higher level of security to the citizens and contributes to the public’s confidence in the police.

In Palestine, ILP has been introduced with promising results. To further the implementation within the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP), EUPOL COPPS has funded a full-day workshop on ILP which took place in Ramallah on 6 February 2019. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Department of Information of the PCP.

The purpose of the workshop was to advance the understanding and use of ILP through enhanced cooperation and information flows between the different departments at HQ and district levels and to boost inclusion of ILP in the operational planning and decision making process at all levels. Ultimately the objective was to strengthen crime prevention and other law enforcement activities in the West Bank.

Heads of Specialized Departments and District Commanders of the PCP, all together 40 Police Officers, attended the workshop which was planned and conducted by a team of Advisors from the Mission’s Police Advisory Section.

Top Photo: (from left): EUPOL COPPS Senior Police Adviser for Community Policing, Bengt Jansson; Anders Karnevald, Police Adviser for Criminal Investigation Department; Boel Karlsson, Police Adviser on Intelligence Led Policing; Brigadier Midhat Jamal Deeb Hajou, Commander of the Special Forces; Robert Urek, Deputy Head of the Mission’s Police Advisory Section and Colonel Adel Sulaiman, Head of the Department of Information of the PCP. 
Bottom Photo 1: Brigadier Midhat Jamal Deeb Hajou listening to the deliberations during the ILP Workshop on 6 February 2019 in Ramallah.
Bottom Photo 2: The well-attended workshop included lectures on Tasking and Coordination, the Criminal Information Process, Planned Operational Work as well as an introduction to the PCP Department of Information.

The concept of Information-Led Policing is also referred to as Intelligence-Led Policing