Tackling investigation of domestic violence cases

How can cases of violence committed against women and children within the family be investigated more efficiently and bring more perpetrators to justice? 

The investigation plays a vital role in the prosecution and in this, the interviewing techniques used for both the victim and the suspect plays a crucial part. It is therefore essential how the specialized prosecutor conducts her or him self during the interview.
The behaviour and approach will often determine the level of cooperation he or she will receive from the victim at the crime scene as well as the victim’s willingness to cooperate during the prosecution process.

To discuss the challenges of investigating domestic violence and determine the best practices to tackle it, EUPOL COPPS recently organized a video conference involving the Family Protection Unit and Juvenile Unit within the Palestinian Attorney General’s Office and experts from the Swedish Prosecution,

Police and Social Services. In the other end of the video link, the Swedish counterparts provided insights and knowhow to familiarize the Specialized Palestinian Prosecutors with the Swedish best practices on tackling the investigations of these cases.The session also touched upon the usage of shelters, in which victims of domestic violence can be accommodated.