Community Policing: A vital tool in crime prevention

Community Policing is a collaboration between the police and the community aiming at preventing, pinpointing and solving challenges and problems in the community.

Nowadays, the police is no longer the only guardians of law and order, all members of a community are key in contributing to the safety and security of their own neighbourhoods. The modern concept of policing builds bridges between the society and the police service, where the police provide support and resources to solve problems and enhance quality of life. Yet, this can only be achieved if the police wins the trust of the citizens. 

Four days dedicated to learning best practices
The concept of Community Policing were thoroughly discussed in a recent four-day visit to Jordan for eight Palestinian Civil Police Officers working in the field of Community Policing.

The eight-member delegation was accompanied by two EUPOL COPPS Community Policing experts. At the Amman-based Public Security Department of the Jordan Police Headquarters, the visiting delegation exchanged views on best practices on Community Policing. The participants also visited Khawarizsmi University Technical College in Amman. Among many other things, this college provides training to Community Policing volunteers from civil society organisations. These civilians support the Jordanian Police in preventing and handling problems within their communities.

Police theatre, TV and radio
The visitors made a stop at the Jordan Police Theatre in Amman, which facilitates plays centring on reducing and tackling crimes. Most of the artistic products are about how small problems within families and other parts of society can get worse and worse and how problems causing crimes can be avoided in the long run. In addition, the Jordanian Police has its own TV- and radio station which broadcasts daily. This is seen as a valuable tool in the Community Policing effort, as a mean for the Jordanian Police Officers to stay in contact with the communities, they serve.

The Palestinian Police Officers are considering the feasibility of some of these activities in their Community Policing efforts in the West Bank.

Top Photo: Colonel Nael Shorafa, Deputy Head of the Media and Public Relations Department of the Palestinian Civil Police thanking the Jordan Police Brigadier for sharing best practices on Community Policing in Jordan.
Bottom Photo 1: The Palestinian eight-member Police Delegation and two EUPOL COPPS Community Policing Advisors were warmly welcomed by their Jordanian hosts to the Public Security Department of the Jordan Police Headquarters.
Bottom Photo 2: The Jordanian Police Radio broadcasting live from their studios in Amman.