“There will always be errors”

“There will always be errors. The importance of your role as complaints handlers is to acknowledge when mistakes and violations occur, provide remedy to the victims and ensure your Institution learns lessons”, said the Mission’s Human Rights Adviser Emma Hickey at a recently organized workshop.

The workshop, was arranged by EUPOL COPPS in partnership with the Complaints General Administration of the Council of Ministers and focused on ‘Human Rights and Complaints Handling’ in a joint effort to continue cooperation in strengthening accountability. It was attended by staff from the various Complaints Units from Palestinian Ministries, Security Forces, Non-Ministerial Institutions and Governorates.

The participants completed practical exercises in applying the core UN Human Rights Conventions, acceded to by Palestine in 2014, and engaged in simulations dealing with vulnerable complainants. Over two days, the participants learned the importance of having a complaints process in place which is fair, confidential, transparent, accessible and efficient.

The Council of Ministers continues its work to further develop and strengthen complaints handling across Palestine’s institutions. On 10 December, and coinciding with Human Rights Day, it hosted its annual conference and presented the 2017 Report on Governmental Complaints.     

Photo: The workshop took place in Ramallah in early December 2018 and was attended by 80 participants from various institutions and organisations within the Palestinian Authority.