Celebrating ten years protection of Palestinian families and children

This week, the Family Protection and Juvenile Unit of the Palestinian Civil Police celebrated its 10th Anniversary. The anniversary was marked by greetings, speeches and presentations from a gathering of high-ranking officials and guests. 

The Mission was represented by Head of the Police Advisory Section, Police Chief Superintendent Pekka Kokkonen who addressed the audience: “I am pleased and honoured to be present here today and to take part in celebrating this important event. On behalf of EUPOL COPPS, I congratulate the Family Protection and Juvenile Unit (FPJU) of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) for its significant achievements during the past ten years.”

Important milestones has been reached
“Since 2016, the Palestinian authorities have progressed well to meet international juvenile justice standards. When it comes to domestic violence, the groundwork has been established, but there is unfortunately still work to do. The Mission will continue to support the PCP in this endeavour and encourage continuous attention to women’s rights and protection in the family and elsewhere”, Pekka Kokkonen said. 

All this was possible due to your support
The FPJU is headed by Colonel Wafaa Muammar, who is the highest ranking female Police Officer within the PCP. In a previous interview, she explained how the FPJU was established: “Ten years ago, when I was working as Police Officer in Bethlehem, one of the female police advisers from EUPOL COPPS came to speak with us. She listened to us and supported our request for the development of a specialized unit within the police, which could deal with domestic violence. This is how the first Family Protection and Juvenile Unit was established in Bethlehem”.

“Today, there are more than 100 trained Police Officers working all around the West Bank and dealing with over 3,500 cases annually. Our work is acknowledged and appreciated by the Palestinian people. All this was possible due to the support received from EUPOL COPPS, from the beginning and until today”, she said. 

Top photo: The head of EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section, Police Chief Superintendent Pekka Kokkonen (left) addressed the audience. On his right, Brigadier General Yasser Al-Fahoum, Assistant to the Chief of Police for Human Resources and Inas Margieh, Program Coordinator for UN Women.
Bottom photo: Colonel Wafaa Muammar (second from left), the highest ranking female Police Officer within the Palestinian Civil Police, listening to the speakers during the anniversary celebrations.


The Family Protection and Juvenile Unit of the Palestinian Civil Police has collated the below basic information on the victims and forms of family violence:


  • Any family members living under the same roof (including to husband, wife, children, siblings, grandparents, and uncles and aunts);
  • Any family members living elsewhere;
  • Non-family regular household members (including to a non-related child or young woman taken in by family, or a household worker living in-house);
  • Ex-spouses, separated spouses, unmarried co-habiting or non-cohabiting adults and/or minors.


  • Physical: Whether it results in physical injuries or murder
  • Sexual: including related spousal and non-spousal violence, child rape, incest, sexual assault, sexual humiliation and degradation, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation
  • Psychological: including threats to harm the victim, imposed restrictions on freedom of movement or contact with family and friends, patterns of abusive and controlling behaviour that degrades and diminishes the mental health and confidence of the victim.
  • Suicides/attempted suicides of vulnerable family members and suspicious female and child deaths also warrant appropriate investigation as they may be found to be the result of family violence.