Leadership, Command and control in police operations

Defining clear and objective command and control rules is crucial and decisive for the success of police operations, especially in operations involving a high degree of risk and threat.

The three-day training event for 10 Palestinian police officers from the Special Forces Unit was focused on the analysis and comparison of the concepts of leadership and command, exposure, and analysis of the various levels of command and control, in line with the standards established by the Public Security Police of Portugal.

The decision-making process in the scope of police operations and the management of security at major events or complex operations entailing high risk was discussed.

The discussion also focused on police tools and techniques and best practices to support the decision-making of a police commander during the planning and execution phases of complex police operations.

The event, which concluded this week, took place in the Palestine College for Police Sciences in Jericho and was delivered by Subintendent Norberto Rodrigues, of the Portuguese police. EUPOL COPPS organised and funded the event.

“Leadership and command and control in police operations is the backbone for any police service, without which the job cannot be done properly. I have shared this and other concepts with my Palestinian counterparts here in Jericho to enhance their capability to deal more effectively and efficiently with all types of policing incidents and operations,” said Subintendent Rodrigues.