EUPOL COPPS’ hometown Governor welcomes the Acting Head of Mission

Since its deployment to Palestine in 2006, the headquarters of EUPOL COPPS has been located in Ramallah. Yesterday, the Acting Head of Mission, Dr. Katja Dominik was warmly welcomed by the Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bierh, Dr. Laila Ghannam in the Governor’s office in the city. 

The Governor acknowledged the significance of the Mission in relation to the Palestinian Authority and for the Palestinian people, and assured the Head of Mission of her interest in deepening the relationship between the Governorate and the Mission. The Acting Head of Mission thanked the Governor for the city’s hospitality and support to the Mission. 

The Governor briefed the Acting Head of Mission on matters relating to the relationship between Governors and the Palestinian security agencies. In this context, the Acting Head of Mission underlined the importance of civilian control of security forces.

Aspects and progress of gender mainstreaming in the public sector, including in the Palestinian Civil Police and other security forces was widely discussed. The Acting Head of Mission expressed her contentment as to the progress in relations between the Mission and the Palestinian Civil Police in general and commended in particular ongoing work in the Palestinian Civil Police to further progress gender equality principles. 

Top photo: Governor Dr. Laila Ghannam (right) warmly welcomed the Head of Mission (left) and emphasised the significance of the Mission in Palestine. 
Bottom photo: The role and status of women in the Palestinian society was a key topic of the meeting. Governor Ghannam advocated that under the prevailing circumstances, women had to be strong, educated and ready to become the breadwinners of their family.