Working to ensure the rights and best interests of children in conflict with the law in Palestine

EUPOL COPPS has a longstanding collaboration with the Defense for Children International (DCI) Palestine, an organization committed to securing a just and viable future for Palestinian children.

DCI also has an oversight role in helping to ensuring that the rights and best interests of all children in conflict with the law are respected and protected. Earlier this week, the Mission delivered a full-day workshop for fifteen DCI lawyers, social workers and field researchers.

The workshop focused on international standards and national law pertaining to the detention of juveniles with a particular emphasis on best practices in the monitoring of detention facilities. The Mission presented a draft monitoring template (based on the UN Mandela and Beijing rules) to DCI, which can be used to develop its own inspection template.

DCI’s Child Justice Unit, to which most of the workshop participants belong, provides legal representation to children detained or otherwise in conflict with the law, and also supports child victims of community violence, exploitation and neglect in Palestine. This unit represents an average of 90 children in Palestinian courts per year and has influenced Palestinian legislation, contributing directly to the adoption of the Juvenile Protection Law 2016 and its subsequent implementation.