Community Policing improves police-citizen communication in Northern Palestine

Community Policing is a concept to build lasting relations between local police forces and the citizens of a community. Through positive dialogue with the Palestinian public, the Police can better prevent and fight crime in local communities. 

Earlier this month the Mission’s Community Policing Advisers, Bengt Jansson and Nina Krug paid a visit to the District Police Office in Nablus to discuss Community Policing developments in the area.

The visit took place as part of the Mission’s support to Community Policing in Palestine. In Nablus, they met with the Nablus Deputy District Commander, Colonel Hussein Abu Eid and Community Policing Coordinator, Major Lana Mkhalalati.

“We work according to a Community Policing Work Plan for each community. Each Work Plan is different, as the need for service delivery varies between villages and areas. We also organize regular community events about security matters in cooperation with different partners, such as the municipalities, the Red Crescent and local schools”, says Major Mkhalalati.

According to Lana Mkhalalati, citizens have begun to communicate more frequently with the Nablus Police using WhatsApp and Facebook, with the additional effect, that more women now know how to approach the police; not least thanks to the mobile police stations which forms part of the Community Policing concept.

Photo: EUPOL COPPS Community Policing Advisers, Nina Krug (left) and Bengt Jansson (centre) with Nablus Community Policing District Coordinator Lana Mkhalalati (right): “We combine our outreach activities with entertainment such as sports. In Beita, a village in the Nablus Police District, we expected 50 people to come, but some 500 showed up. This shows that our communities feel positive about such events and that we are making progress in mainstreaming Community Policing within our district”, concludes Major Mkhalalati.