Canadian Police Adviser rolls up the sleeves

Barbara Kelly, a Canadian police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, travelled about 9,000 kilometers to join the EUPOL COPPS Mission in Ramallah.

Banking on her 32 years of experience in the police service, including a one year secondment EUAM Ukraine, the senior police adviser for institutional development and human resources, has pulled up her sleeves and “hit the ground running” when she first took up her duties at EUPOL COPPS Mission.

“I met the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) counterparts and I feel I know where I could make some contributions with respect to their own organization,” said Kelly. EUPOL COPPS, established in 2006, draws on the experience of about two dozen of Police advisers from different EU member states to enable the Mission to advise and mentor the PCP, as well as the Rule of Law section which deals with lawyers, judges and prosecutors. Canada is one of three non-EU member states that seconds people to EUPOL COPPS.

Barbara aims at bringing to the Palestinian counterparts a greater understanding of the human resources management systems that they have with their own organization. She wants to suggest or to advise them on how to add better and newer methods and new procedures in order to advance human resources management inside the PCP.

“They are very skilled and knowledgeable and are great to work with. They are open to new ideas, to new suggestions and I really look forward to this next 11 months working here in Palestine,” Kelly said.

Kelly will not do the 11 months in one shot. Besides her son and daughter and mother, she has four sisters and two brothers. So she plans to do about three trips to meet up her loved ones. “I have my friends and family back there, but I keep in constant contact. With today’s access to social media, it makes the world a little bit smaller”.