“I gained new knowledge on judging in gender based violence cases”

Imad Maswadeh is President of the Ramallah Court of Appeal. He is one of 14 Palestinian gender judges who has completed the Mission’s training in handling of gender based violence cases.

“I will certainly make use of this training when I adjudicate gender based violence cases; both when it comes to applying a gender sensitive approach and to upholding the fair trial principles”, said Judge Maswadeh upon completion of the training.

Inspiration from Sweden “The Swedish trainers on the course introduced methods which we will consider, but my most valuable take away from the training was a discussion on how to deal with witnesses during testimonies in gender based violence cases. I also found some legal innovations in the Swedish Penal Code interesting, for example the crime of gross violation of a woman’s integrity.

The law implies that if a person commits repeated criminal acts against another person, such as acts of violence or sexual crimes, the perpetrator’s offense can be considered to be gross. If the acts were committed by a man against a woman who was or had been his life partner, he shall be sentenced for gross violation of a woman’s integrity”, told Imad Maswadeh. We work hard to learn “We are still novices in this area and the Palestinian Decree Law on Family Protection from Violence is in a draft stage.

So right now, we work hard to learn as much as possible from international experts. During this training, it helped that the trainers divided the topic, so both the basic concepts of gender and the more concrete judge-oriented aspects were discussed separately”, concluded Mr. Maswadeh after the two-day training session organized by the Mission in cooperation with the Palestinian Judicial Institute and the Swedish National Courts Administration.

Top Photo: Judge Imad Maswadeh, President of the Ramallah Court of Appeal participated in the training which took place on 5 and 6 July 2018 in Ramallah.
Bottom Photo: The training session was designed to enable the judges to apply a more gender sensitive approach in gender based violence cases and other gender related cases. It was conducted by two Swedish judges, Carin Westerlund and Christoffer Démery from the Swedish National Courts Administration’s roster of international experts.