Amazing parade marks the graduation of 557 young Palestinian Police Officers

On a sunny morning and in the presence of thousands of friends and family members, 557 young Police Officers graduated from the Palestinian College for Policing Sciences in Jericho. The graduation ceremony included an impressive hour-long tattoo-like parade where the graduates and their trainers delivered a state of the art show of precision and coordination. The graduates were addressed by the Deputy Chief of Police, Brigadier Jihad Museimi, who acknowledged their dedication and commitment, and awarded prizes to the best performing cadets.

Their four months long Basic Recruit Training Course began on 9 December 2017 and was concluded on Wednesday 18 April 2018. The number of police graduates, which includes 59 women, is the highest number of graduates from a single course since 2009. Additional 42 Police Cadets are expected to graduate next month, due their later start on the course.

Before being deployed to the various districts and departments of the Palestinian Civil Police, the newly graduated Police Officers will return to the Police College in Jericho to receive additional specialized training, matching their coming assignments.

Police Advisors from EUPOL COPPS has provided advice in the planning and preparation of the Basic Recruit Training Course and ensured continuously support and guidance throughout the course. In close cooperation with the Police College trainers, the Mission’s Police Advisers will evaluate the recent course to enhance performance and quality of future training courses.

The Mission congratulates all the newly graduated Police Officers!