Applying a holistic approach to Palestinian Prison Management

The role of today’s correctional services is multidimensional. Not only must prisons maintain sufficient security, they also have an obligation to ensure the care and rehabilitation of each prisoner. To do so, prison managements need to identify and classify the risks and needs of each prisoner and based on the assessment, prepare prisoners for their release and reintegration into society. They also have to plan and structure sentences, and develop measures to prevent prisoners’ misconduct and reoffending after release.

EUPOL COPPS is supporting the Palestinian Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department in handling the multitude of challenges and complexity of managing a modern prison. We do this through a holistic approach.

A holistic approach includes strategic advice as well as development of systems and methods, enabling the prison management to provide both security and rehabilitation measures in their operational planning and conduct. It also includes capacity building through training of the management and instructors of the Palestinian Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department.

We believe that our continued support at the strategic, structural and capacity building levels will enable the Palestinian Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department to pursue a robust way forward and better cope with the different challenges in the field of penitentiary in Palestine.