Working to improve the standards for prisoners in Palestine

Imprisonment is a punitive action carried out by states on citizens to deprive them their freedom.

The purpose of imprisonment is to protect the society against crime and reduce reoffending. As such, prisons play a central role in the criminal justice chain: From arrest and detention to trail and verdict, serving the sentence, rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Internationally accepted minimum standards define what is accepted as good practices when states apply such corrective actions on citizens. These standards concern the management and operation of prisons and in particular the treatment of prisoners to ensure their essential rights. Since 2007 EUPOL COPPS has been supporting the Palestinian Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department in reforming, developing and improving the penitentiary system to meet these minimum standards.

Our work has been carried out through strategic advice and mentoring as well as capacity building through training, but also through advising on the refurbishment of existing prisons and construction of new correctional facilities. An important part of our engagement has been to assist in the establishment of Operational Plans in compliance with the international standards for the two new correctional facilities in Nablus and Jenin, funded by the European Union. Once accomplished, this effort will reduce overcrowding and contribute to improved living standards and better rehabilitation activities for the prisoners.

The Mission’s support to the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre Department will continue at the strategic, structural and capacity building levels, as part of a forward looking holistic approach.