The Head of Mission meets with high level Jordanian security actors

During a three day visit to Jordan from 25-27 March 2018, the Head of EUPOL COPPS, Kauko Aaltomaa, met with high level security actors of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The trip, which focused on the Kingdom’s training assistance to Palestinian security actors, commenced with a meeting with the Director General of Jordan’s Public Security Department, Major General Fadel M. al-Hmoud.

The trip continued with a visit to the Jordan International Police Training Center (JIPTC) in Amman, where the Head of Mission was welcomed by JIPTC Director, Colonel Mohammad al-Kofahi. Since 2007 the JIPTC has provided basis and specialized training to 20,595 security force members, mainly Palestinian.

A visit to the Jordanian Peace Operations Training Center (POTC) in Zarqa was also included in the trip, where POTC Director, Colonel Helalat Ismail offered a briefing and a tour of the facility. Finally the Head of Mission had an opportunity to meet with Gendarmerie Colonel Regis Barou, Homeland Security Attaché at the French Embassy in Jordan and in charge of France’s police cooperation with Palestinian security services, who shared his observations as to the organization of the Jordanian police and the international police cooperation in Jordan.