Women must play a larger role in resolving the conflict in Palestine

The involvement of men and women in conflict zones are different. In these differences, women offer a vital perspective in the analysis of conflicts as well as finding ways to resolve them and build peace. Their views and mind-set can form new ties across opposing factions and increase the inclusiveness, transparency, and sustainability of peace processes. This is why women must play a pivotal role in managing and resolving the conflict in Palestine on the road to a sustainable peace.

This is also why EUPOL COPPS works consistently to promote gender equality through our partners and counterparts in the Palestinian Security Sector and Justice System. And this is why this Mission makes an effort to recruit and retain of female staff. We and other CSDP missions work to employ an approach that values diversity and aims to create a positive work environment for women and men.

This is one of several pieces leading up to the International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March 2018.