Palestinian prosecutors wrap up study visit to Sweden on Domestic Violence

During 6 – 8 November 2017, five Palestinian prosecutors from the Family Protection from Violence Unit concluded today a three day study visit to Stockholm to learn more about how cases concerning domestic violence and violence against women and children are dealt with in Sweden. During the visit, the participants met with the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Swedish Police, and the District Court of Stockholm, Social services and other municipal initiatives as well as civil society organizations. The participants discussed several topics, including the cooperation between the prosecutors, the Police and other authorities, and exchanged views on how to make risk assessments and how to protect vulnerable victims through coercive measures and other decisions/initiatives. Also some sessions was devoted to comparisons between the prosecutorial and judicial systems in Palestine and Sweden, which showed that although there are significant differences, there are also astonishing similarities. The three-day visit, which was funded and organized by EUPOL COPPS in cooperation with the Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Swedish National Courts Administration, was part of the Mission´s continued efforts to support key units and staff within the criminal justice institutions and promote cooperation between the prosecution and the Police.