EUPOL COPPS delivers thousands of booklets and brochures to Palestinian Police

On 20  September 2017, EUPOL COPPS Police Advisers provided over 10,000 copies of Community Policing booklets and 8,000 copies of brochures in Arabic to the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP).

These booklets will support and introduce messages on Community Policing. The pamphlets will be used as a communications tool for training the PCP officers, furthermore to promote the Community Policing concept for the PCP and the citizens of Palestine.

EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section strongly supports the development of community policing concept within the PCP. EUPOL COPPS has been instrumental in the development of this concept for the past two years.

Community Policing is a coordinated partnership approach between the police and the communities in the towns and villages they serve to protect. Community Policing shall improve community safety by reducing crime and tackling anti-social behavior.

The Chief of Police endorsed the concept in March 2017.