EUPOL COPPS concludes study visit to Jordan for the Palestinian Ministry of Justice

On 22 August 2017, EUPOL COPPS concluded a three-day study visit to Jordan for a Palestinian delegation from the Ministry of Justice to discuss with their counterparts in Amman topics related to the regulatory framework of the criminal record.

The seven-member delegation of the ‘General Administration of the Criminal Record and Legalization’ of the Ministry of Justice, representing different Palestinian districts, paid a visit to the Jordanian Ministry of Justice and met the Assistant Deputy of the ministry.

The attendees were briefed on the Jordanian regulatory framework on the criminal record. The Palestinian counterparts provided a similar briefing on the same field.

On the second day of the trip, the delegation visited the First Instance Court and the Prosecutor’s Office at the Justice Palace in Amman. The Chief Judge of the first instance Court briefed the participants on the legal concepts and steps of approving the non-conviction certificate and the discretionary authority of the judge.

At the Prosecutor’s Office, the delegation was briefed on the procedures and the authority of the prosecution regarding the non-conviction certificate.

On the last day of the activity, the delegation visited the Non-Conviction Section of the Court of First Instance in the Justice Palace to examine the legal and administrative procedures and structures used by the Jordanian system when it comes to processing information concerning criminal records and issuing certificates of non-conviction.