EUPOL COPPS organizes a workshop for the Palestinian Police and media representatives

On  22 August 2017, EUPOL COPPS organized a workshop for the Palestinian Civil Police and media representatives in order to find ways to facilitate each other’s work while covering events in the field. 
Fifteen senior Police officers from Special Police Force explained to 12 journalists difficulties they face while carrying out their duties during protests and sit-ins. 
The Palestinian police maintained that the bylaws of the PCP do not allow any misbehaviour towards any member of the public including journalists. There are a range of disciplinary procedures in place. 
At the end of the workshop, it was agreed that the media representatives should pick a safe location while covering a story. 
Both the PCP and the media representatives praised EUPOL COPPS for organizing the event, which provided an opportunity to highlight concerns of each side and eventually ensure smooth work for the benefit of the media and the police.