EUPOL COPPS Mission holds its annual medal parade

On 25 May 2017, EUPOL COPPS celebrated its annual Medal Parade, a yearly occasion to reward the Mission’s team for the work accomplished with the Palestinian counterparts and international stakeholders. 
During the ceremony, which was attended by 16 guests, Acting Head of Mission Mike Albers  and Chief of Palestinian Civil Police  (PCP) Major General Hazem Attallah awarded EU medals to 20 Mission members, representing 11 EU countries in addition to Canada.  
“EUPOL COPPS will continue to assist the Palestinian Authority in building its institutions in the context of working towards a comprehensive peace, based on a two-State solution,” Mr. Albers said.
The event was attended by the key counterparts of the Mission : the PCP, Chief Justice Imad Salim, Head of Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission Mr. Rafiq Al-Natsheh, Assistant Attorney General  Ashraf Erekat, and a representative from ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs and Interior in addition to EU representatives in the occupied Palestinian territories. 

Major General Attallah congratulated the medal recipients and praised the work in which the Mission has been doing since its establishment in 2006.
“We are always proud and grateful for every one of you. I am very proud to work with EUPOL COPPS,” Attallah said.