EUPOL COPPS facilitates training on asset recovery

From 09 - 11 May 2017, EUPOLCOPPS facilitated a three-day training on asset recovery to enhance the skills of the participants in conducting investigations on tracing and confiscating proceeds of corruption crimes.

It also aimed at strengthening cooperation and sharing of expertise among institutions involved in the fight against corruption.

The participant of the training including Anti-Corruption Prosecutors, legal staff of the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission, Prosecutors from the Economic Crimes Unit, Judges from the Corruption Crimes Court and representatives of the Financial Follow-Up Unit.

The activity is delivered by experts from the World Bank – Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR) which is the leading international organization in this field.

Mr. Rafiq Al-Natsheh, the Commissioner opened the event. The training is one of EUPOLCOPPS’ initiatives to support Palestinian Institutions in the fight against corruption.

If successful, the recovery of assets gives vital impetus to a country’s economic development and strengthens confidence in institutions.