Workshop on Forensic Shooting Scene Reconstruction

On 14 February, EUPOL COPPS Police adviser and Justice Sector Assistance Project (JSAP) delivered  a two-day training session on ‘Forensic Shooting Scene Reconstruction’ for 18 Palestinian Civil Police Officers to further enhance their capabilities on this field of expertise.

The training, which was held in the Jericho-based Palestinian Academy for Police Sciences,  was delivered to officers coming from several West Bank districts, in addition to officers from Automated Finger Print Identification System (AFIS) and Forensic Laboratory.  

In order to achieve professional forensic shooting scene reconstruction, the examiner must have a specific knowledge and experience in many areas in order to reconstruct comprehensively shooting incidents.

The participants focused on the properties of firearms and ammunitions, external (free-flight of a bullet between the firearm’ barrel and the target) and terminal ballistics, as well as on the reconstructive aspects of trajectories. 

This course included the application of various reconstruction techniques such as the determination of the origin of the shooting, the characteristics of the trajectories (like shooting distance, gunshot residues, angles and direction of shooting), the basics of trigonometry, and the limitations of the methods.