EU Member States representatives visit EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah missions

Ramallah, 17 February 2017- Delegates from European Union Member States concluded a three-day visit to the Palestinian territory and Israel. The objective was to visit EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah, and hear the views of the Missions' counterparts, partners and local authorities on the support provided by those missions.

The Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CivCom) visit to EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah allowed its delegates to meet with the Missions' members, their counterparts and take stock of the mandate implementation by the two Missions. The delegation was headed by the CivCom Chair, Ms. Jana Kalimonova from the European External Action Service (EEAS). The delegation is composed of 28 delegates representing the EU member states in addition to eight officials from EEAS.

During this visit, the Acting Head of EUPOL COPPS, Mr. Mike Albers, along with the Mission team, briefed the delegation on the activities of the Mission with all its Palestinian counterparts. On Tuesday 14 February, the CivCom delegation met with the Prime Minister, H.E. Rami Hamdallah, who welcomed the performance of both EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah and urged Member States' representatives to extend the support provided by EUPOL COPPS.

Several meetings also took place with representatives from the civil society, the Criminal justice institutions and the Chief of the Palestinian Civil Police. The CivCom delegates also had the opportunity to meet with a large panel of international community and EU Member States' representatives, as well as with the Deputy Head of the Office of the European Union Representative in Jerusalem, Mr. Tomas Niklasson, with whom they exchanged views on the current situation and the role of the Missions.

CivCom is a working party of the Council gathering representatives of the 28 EU Member States. It provides advice and recommendations to the Political and Security Committee of the European Union on civilian aspects of crisis management. In particular, CivCom exercises its role with regard to the civilian missions of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), including EUPOL COPPS and EUBAM Rafah.

The CivCom trip was organised in cooperation with Malta that holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2017.