EUPOL COPPS and Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission conclude workshop on Investigative Journalism

On 8 December 2016, EUPOL COPPS and the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission concluded a four-day workshop on Investigative Journalism for 18 Palestinian journalists and one university journalism teacher. 

Three trainers from Arab Reporters For Investigative Journalism, a leading institute on the topic, delivered lectures to the attendees on various issues such as the difference between investigative journalism and traditional reporting, how to develop investigative hypothesis, writing techniques as well as on how to protect files, emails and sources in the digital era. Ethical concerns and interviewing techniques were also discussed during the workshop. 

The lecturers explained to the attendees how this kind of journalism was of paramount importance when it comes to disclosing corruption cases, a matter in which the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission plays an important role. The journalists, who showed active participation throughout the four-day training, came up with hypotheses for investigative reports that they plan to do in the future, with close coordination with the trainers.