EUPOL COPPS celebrates International Women’s Day

Ramallah, 8 March 2016 - Today, we celebrate the 102nd anniversary of International Women’s Day, a day to honour the worldwide achievements made by women and men to advance gender equality. EUPOL COPPS supports its Palestinian partners in the Police and Justice sector in developing and implementing gender oriented policies. It also supports the development of institutions with the goal to prevent and combat violence against women and children in the West Bank.

The Head of Mission, Rodolphe Mauget, praises the work that has been achieved by the Palestinian Civil Police and by the Justice sector in the empowerment of women. “I am strongly encouraged by the past year’s improvements of the promotion of gender equality within the police and justice sector. We have seen unprecedented advancements through the upcoming adoption of a new Gender Strategy for the Palestinian Civil Police and a new Family Protection Unit within the Attorney General’s Office. Today, on the International Women’s Day, EUPOL COPPS reiterates its commitment to strengthen the operational work of the police and justice sector within the area of gender-based violence. ” 

The European Union is dedicated to the goals set in the 1325 United Nation’s Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security, in which EUPOL COPPS plays a pivotal role within its mandate in the West Bank.

The Mission has supported the institutional development of the Family Protection Unit within the Palestinian Civil Police through which more women and children now receive support in cases of domestic violence. The appointed specialized prosecutors on gender-based violence of the Attorney General’s Office are also supported by the Mission. EUPOL COPPS is supporting the specialization of judges on gender-based violence through the Palestinian Judicial Institute.

EUPOL COPPS is committed to strengthen the role of women within police and justice sector of Palestine, but also to increase the awareness of gender equality on all levels of these sectors in order to improve the lives of both women and men that work for their country and the implementation of rule of law.