High level Palestinian delegation meets with Justice sector senior officials in Romania

Bucharest, December 11, 2014 - As part of its efforts to better assist the Palestinian Criminal Justice institutions in enhancing their service delivery to the public as well as their inter-institutional cooperation mechanisms, EUPOL COPPS sponsored a visit to Romania from 8-11 December for key senior officials in the justice sector. 

The meetings’ primary purpose was to look at ways the Inspection Departments of the various Palestinian Criminal Justice Institutions could enhance their quality of service delivery as well as improve the cooperation between institutions.

Participants included the Chief Justice, Attorney General, Deputy Minister of Justice, and Director of the Palestinian Judicial Institute.

During the three-day field trip that was concluded on Thursday, the delegation visited the Romanian Parliament, met with the Romanian Chief Justice and Supreme Council of Magistrates, the National Institute of Magistrates, the Deputy Minister of Justice at the Ministry of Justice, the Judicial Inspection Department, and the Attorney General at his offices.