Improving the Cooperation Between the Palestinian Civil Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office

 On 20th - 21st June 2010 in Ramallah EUPOL COPPS facilitated a High Level Seminar on Improved Cooperation between the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) and the Public Prosecution. The workshop is part of a long project initiated by EUPOL COPPS in June 2009 that included a study trip of 10 PCP officers and Prosecutors to Sweden that focused on effective cooperation and division of powers between the two institutions in a modern European criminal justice system which resembles the Palestinian one.

Palestinian Prosecutors and PCP Officers discussed a series of issues including the handling and storage of seized items; improved on-call system for prosecutors; arrests and house searches; use of delegation of powers for criminal investigation; intelligence led policing and surveillance among others. The main purpose of the workshop is to improve the cooperation between the Prosecution and the Police in criminal investigations.

At the end of the successful discussions, both parties agreed on joint conclusions that will result in a Memorandum of Understanding.

On the achievements, Deputy Attorney General Mr Al OWEIWI, together with Colonel Ibrahim Abu Ein underlined the importance of the clarification of the problems and challenges faced by them and welcomed the constructive discussions that will lay the foundations for a future better cooperation.

This high level seminar was chaired and coordinated by the Head of the Rule of Law Section of EUPOL COPPS, Mr Nicholas ROBSON; EUPOL COPPS Prosecutor Expert, Ms Anne-Christine MADERUD; and the EUPOL COPPS’ CID expert Mr Philippe PEREZ.