High Judicial Council finishes training on forensics for judges

Ramallah, 28 July 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’ second seminar on the judicial evaluation of forensics evidence for Palestinian judges finished today in Ramallah, under the auspices of the High Judicial Council and the Palestinian Judicial Institute.

This seminar consisted of two workshops, lasting two days each, in which 40 members of the Palestinian Judiciary were trained in scientific evidence and forensics. A similar seminar took already place last December, with a successful outcome.
The graduation ceremony was conducted by Chief Justice Mr. Fareed AL JALLAD, EUPOL COPPS’ Head of the Rule of Law section, Mr. Nicholas ROBSON, and the Director of Palestinian Judicial Institute, Judge As’ad MUBARAK.
In his closing remarks, Chief Justice, Head of Supreme Court MR. Fareed Al JALLAD stated that the subject of this seminar is of interest to all judges in general. He also expressed his hope that cooperation with EUPO COPPS continues to attain the desired benefit that would promote the judicial work, and thanked Dr. Ali ABU HIJLEH and Dr. As’ad MUBARAK for their efforts.
On the first day of each training seminar, MD Rayyan AL ALI of An-Najah University’s Forensic Institute in Nablus, and MD Zead AL ASHAB, the Ministry of Justice’s Head of the Forensic Department, delivered lectures on the technical aspects of scientific evidence, predominantly on forensic medicine. Also EUPOL COPPS’ expert Michael SCHULTE-SCHREPPING presented a speech on “New investigation techniques”.
On the second day of each seminar, Jordanian judge Ali ABU HIJLEH lectured on “Legal aspects of scientific evidence: possible remedies for uncertainty during the evidentiary hearings”, on the evaluation of the probative value of scientific evidence by judges. Finally, justice Raed ABDUL HAMID, made a presentation on “Palestinian legal framework and challenges in evaluating scientific evidence”.