EUPOL COPPS Training for PCP’s Crime Scene Technicians

Ramallah, 13th September, 2010 - EUPOL COPPS participated today in the opening ceremony of a 6-week training programme for Crime Scene Technicians that took place in the Headquarters of the Judicial Police in Al Bireh.

This training programme has been tailored-made for 36 Police officers in comprehensive Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), consisting of the processing of crime scenes, the collection of forensic evidence, the handling of forensic evidence and the use of chemicals.
Palestinian Civil Police will receive a number of CSI-vans carrying all the necessary equipment and last-generation technologies for criminal investigation.
This training has been funded by the Representative Office of Romania in the Palestinian Authority and coordinated by EUPOL COPPS’ Criminal Justice and Police Law expert, Dr. Michael SCHULTE-SCHREPPING. The training will be implemented by criminal investigation expert MA. Friedrich SCHWINDT and fingerprint expert Dariusz MAZUREK.
During his opening remarks, EUPOL COPPS’ new Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Jesper FRIEDRICHSEN, highlighted that: “in this, my first official ceremony representing EUPOL COPPS, I would like to tell you on behalf of the Mission, that I am very happy to see that the Police is moving forward in the field of crime scene management”. He also emphasized that: “this project is fully owned by the Palestinian Authority and that we Europeans are only here to provide you with support”.
The PCP’s Chief of the Judicial Police, Lt. Col. Iyad SHTYEH thanked EUPOL COPPS and the Government of Romania for their contribution to the development and encouraged the participants to: “learn as much as they can from this training course in order to provide the citizens with a better service”. He also added that: “this will enhance the people’s confidence in the Police and the Judiciary”.