EUPOL COPPS refurnishes Azzun Police Station

Tuesday, 10 2012 - EUPOL COPPS Police Advisory Section delivered new office equipment for the community policing station in the West Bank village of Azzun near Qalqilya to support the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) to continue performing valuable community policing.

The establishment of the new police station was achieved through a pilot project of community policing programme in 2009 and was supported by both the PCP and EUPOL COPPS.  
This Post is open during day time and a four-member team of officers from the nearby village of Kfur Thulth police station can assist the citizens and patrol the surroundings.
 Azzun is a home to 8.000 people and is part of (B) area, which falls under joint Palestinian and Israeli control. The presence of the police station has had a very positive impact on the Azzun residents, allowing them on a daily basis to be in direct contact with the Palestinian police. The PCP has also established a very good partnership with Azzun community.
The refurbishment of theAzzun police post, even though it is exclusively a logistic support, is part of the EUPOL COPPS wider efforts to support the PCP to continue its value work on community policing.