EUPOL COPPS participates with PCP in a Donors' Meeting

Ramallah, 12th March, 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’ Head of Mission, Henrik MALMQUIST, co-chaired a donors’ meeting together with Palestinian Chief of Police, Major General Hazem ATTALLAH. The event was organised by EUPOL COPPS and hosted by the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) on Thursday, 11th March.  

Besides EUPOL COPPS Senior Management, the meeting was attended by officials from the Representative Offices and Consulates of Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, the UK and Canada, as well as representatives from international organisations (European Commission, UNOPS, INL), that contribute through their funding to the modernisation of the Palestinian Civil Police and the reform of the Criminal Justice Sector.
The meeting took place at the PCP Protecting and Guarding Unit HQs in Ramallah. This has been the first time that the PCP hosted a donor meeting in Palestinian Police premises, illustrating the closer working relationship between the PCP and the Mission.
This meeting was an opportunity to provide the donors with an update of joint PCP and EUPOL COPPS activities during 2009 and an occasion to present the ambitious programmatic approach which the PCP in partnership with EUPOL COPPS has recently launched.



In his introduction, Henrik MALMQUIST, highlighted the importance of addressing the whole criminal justice chain, “from police work, via legal prosecution and justice, to the prison and rehabilitation system”.





This view resonates in the priorities defined in the recently approved Palestinian Civil Police Development Program (PCPDP) 2010, such as improved cooperation between Public Prosecution and PCP, confirming the importance PCP attaches to the proper functioning of the criminal justice chain.
Prior to the meeting, members of the Special Police Forces (SPF) performed demonstrations on Police tactics, such as anti-riot tactics, hand-cuffing of suspects and martial arts, while making use of the gear and equipment donated by the International Donor Community.