The judge and the media

Most people will never visit a court during their lifetime. What they know about judges and courts is what they read in newspapers and on social media. Realizing this, the importance of finding good ways to communicate with the public through the...

Palestinian delegation studied Economic and Cyber-Crime investigation in Denmark

With the purpose of being introduced to the Danish criminal investigation procedure relating to digital evidence and cyber-crimes, a delegation from the Specialized Economic and Cyber-Crime Units of the Palestinian Attorney General’s Office has...

The International Women’s Day – an opportunity to celebrate achievements and continue to press for progress

Today, like every year, for more than a century, people around the world will celebrate the International Women’s Day. Press conferences, events, workshops and marches for women’s rights, video contests and numerous other initiatives will mark the...

Campaign on women’s fundamental human rights launched in Palestine

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day (8 March), a week-long campaign was launched today in Palestine to raise awareness on women’s fundamental human rights.
EUPOL COPPS joins the efforts of over 30 national and international partners...

Studying performance based career development

Performance based career development and advancement is a key component in modern Human Resources Management within police services. Consequently, the Mission’s long standing counterpart, the Palestinian Civil Police, pursues ways to further the...

No cash, no problems!

Inside a prison, cash can be a dangerous asset. Prisoners carrying cash can be exposed to threats, violence and theft. This is why many correctional authorities around the world try to minimize the circulation of cash money in their correction and...