Working with our counterparts to strengthen the fight against corruption in Palestine

Fighting corruption is important to the Palestinian people. In this fight, effective detection, investigation and prosecution of corruptive practices is the only way to achieve the goal of combating all forms of corruption in the Palestinian society... more

Here is the March edition of the Mission’s Newsletter

The March edition of the Mission’s Newsletter is available now. It features several gender and International Women’s Day related articles as well as a the first of a series of “Meet our Mission Members” articles. This time it features Romanian Meda... more

One in three of our Mission Members, are women

In all interactions with our partners and counterparts in the Palestinian Security Sector and Justice System, EUPOL COPPS works consistently to promote gender equality, build capacities in the field of gender mainstreaming and integrate gender... more

Palestinian lawyers increase their knowledge of gender-based violence

Combating violence against women in Palestine is an endless process, which must be advanced at different levels and through several parallel channels.
This is why the Mission, last week, facilitated three specialized training sessions on gender-... more

Women bring solid contributions to policing efforts for the benefit of the Palestinian communities

For all of us, safety and security plays an essential role in our daily lives. This also applies to the conflict affected Palestinian people. In the Occupied Palestinian Territories, women Police Officers of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) bring... more

Women must play a larger role in resolving the conflict in Palestine

The involvement of men and women in conflict zones are different. In these differences, women offer a vital perspective in the analysis of conflicts as well as finding ways to resolve them and build peace. Their views and mind-set can form new ties... more