Strategic and Operational Planning Workshop for 29 senior police officers

On August 20 and 21, 2019, a Strategic and Operational Planning Workshop was held in Nablus District for 29 senior Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) officers to develop the skills and abilities to translate the PCP Strategic Plan, 2017-2022 into...

Head of EUPOL COPPS meets Minister of Justice

EUPOL COPPS Head of Mission Kauko Aaltomaa held a very fruitful meeting with the Palestinian Minister of Justice Mohammad Shalaldeh on 06 August 2019 and discussed ways to further support the criminal justice institutions.
Both expressed...

Information-Led-Policing is key in crime prevention

Information-Led-Policing (ILP) is a concept used to enable the police to direct their law enforcing activities proactively in order to prevent and handle crimes, threats or disorder more efficiently.
In order to increase the awareness of the of the...

Detecting forged documents, seals and stamps

The Criminal Records Unit of the Ministry of Justice certifies the authenticity of documents and provides citizens with non-conviction documents. In an effort to improve methods of detection of possible counterfeits and other false and fraudulent...

Significant Canadian support to the Mission – and to Palestine

This Mission forms part of the wider EU effort to support Palestinian state building. At present, personnel from 21 EU Member States work closely with the Mission’s Palestinian counterparts to support this effort. In addition, Canada is, and always...

Why women are capturing Palestinian courtrooms

Over the past decade, the Palestinian justice sector has seen a significant rise in the number of women working in the courtrooms, doubling the number of female judges, prosecutors and registered lawyers. More than 18% of the judges, some 20% of the...