New Anti-corruption training for Palestinian Judges


Ramallah, 2nd December 2010 - EUPOL COPPS’ Prosecution expert, together with the Mission’s Court Team, is delivering an additional training module to Palestinian judges on combating corruption and money laundering. The training is taking place today, 2nd December, and tomorrow, 3rd December, at the premises of the Palestinian Judicial Institute (PJI) in Ramallah.
This training module covers the most common methods of laundering money, as well as predicate offenses, definition of illegal gain and definition of money laundering in international conventions. Several case studies are included in the training and discussed with the judges, in order to make the programme as interactive as possible. A similar course will be delivered to Palestinian Prosecutors at a later stage.
With the entry into force of the Anti-Corruption Law Nr. 7 of 2010, the Palestinian National Authority showed its determination to combat corruption and money laundering. EUPOL COPPS welcomed and appreciated these efforts, and has been requested by the competent Institutions to support them in enhancing the skills of the different members of the criminal justice chain.
A training programme for the judges and public prosecutors who deal with cases involving corruption and money laundering was designed by EUPOL COPPS, aiming to provide the participants with the relevant information and knowledge to start their duties under the Anti-Corruption Law and to further develop their expertise over time.
This programme started last September with introductory lectures on the main topics of the law, and it is divided into different modules, identified with in close cooperation with the High Judicial Council’s Training Committee. In November, the first module on corruption took place with a Seyada (European Commission-funded comprehensive programme in the field of Rule of Law) supported expert.