Ministry of Justice (MoJ) workshop on Planning and Reporting


Ramallah, 8th December 2010 - EUPOL COPPS continues to cement its partnership with the Ministry of Justice through a series of workshops and trainings throughout December. The first event began on Monday with a 3-day workshop on Action Planning and Reporting for staff from different units across the Ministry of Justice.
The workshop began on Monday, and was opened by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Khalil Kharaja AL RIFAI.  The Deputy Minister emphasized that high quality planning and reporting is essential if the Ministry is to achieve its strategic objectives, and provide an excellent service to the people of Palestine. He highlighted the cooperation between the Ministry and EUPOL COPPS.
Fifteen members of the Ministry are attending the workshop this week, and a further 15 members of staff will attend the workshop starting on 14th December.
The methodology of the workshop is mainly practical and interactive between the trainer and the attendees, and recommendations made at the workshop will be used to help the Ministry improve its internal systems.
The Ministry of Justice has made major strides this year in setting out its priorities and long-term objectives. In order to achieve these, staff will learn through the training, how to translate the strategic objectives into their daily work. This is especially necessary as the Ministry of Justice’s staff numbers have increased recently.
The workshop was lead by Mr. Firas ZAGHAL, CEO of the Palestinian company “Dimensions Consulting”, and coordinated and financed by EUPOL COPPS. The final element of this month’s training will be a course for Ministry of Justice legal staff on legislative planning and drafting skills.