EU funded Police Cars for Palestinian Civil Police

Ramallah, 6st July 2010 - The European Union Representative, Mr. Christian Berger, today handed over 48 vehicles (44 Volkswagen Caddies and 4 Volkswagen Passats) to the Deputy Chief of the Palestinian Civil Police Brig., Gen. Jihad AL MUSEIMI, as part of an EU grant of equipment to the Palestinian Civil Police worth a total of € 5 million.

This contribution represents the European Union's support of the security sector reform of the Palestinian Authority and its commitment to the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) Development Plan. It is a donation in line with the specifications elaborated by the PCP for their vehicle fleet strategy and is part of a total EU project providing vehicles and communication equipments.  The contribution is based on the needs and development plan of the PCP upon advice of the EUPOL COPPS mission.
By improving the PCP’s capacity to travel quickly and safely to public disturbances, these cars will assist the Police in safeguarding law and order in the West Bank in line with international standards. This will contribute to the marked improvement in the capability and responsiveness of the PCP and of the maintenance of law and order in the West Bank over the past few years, thus further contributing to the stable foundations required for a Palestinian State.
The handover ceremony took place at the PCP’s Protection and Guards Units (PGUs) compound in At Tireh, Ramallah, and was presided over by the Deputy Chief of PCP, Brig. Gen. AL MUSEIMI, the European Union Representative, Mr. Christian BERGER; EUPOL COPPS’ Head of Mission, Commissioner Henrik MALMQUIST, and other PCP officers.
Here is a summary of the most relevant remarks made by the participants at the event:
Deputy Chief of Police AL MUSEIMI thanked “the EU and the people of Europe for this contribution” and affirmed that “it is part of the EU efforts to support the Palestinian Civil Police in particular but the Palestinian Authority in general”. In this context he underlined that "security in the region is a key pillar for socio-economic growth and prosperity”
The EU Representative, Christian Berger added that "the Palestinian Civil Police has shown itself to be an increasingly professional police force, able to serve the community in difficult circumstances. The EU is and will continue to support the Palestinian police in building an effective police force able to uphold the rule of law, one of the cornerstones of a democratic society, and deliver a high quality service to the Palestinian people."
Commissioner MALMQUIST expressed his hope that “these 48 vehicles will contribute to the effectiveness and success of the Police”. He also highlighted “the importance of this EU donation which along with a recent Spanish contribution, to build 3 compounds for light vehicle maintenance workshops, enhance the sustainability of EU support and stand as a very good example of a coordinated EU approach"”.
All Four VW Passats have been fitted with Federal flickers and federal sirens attached with speakers. The donation includes three years of routine maintenance.
All equipment has been procured through the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).