Defensive Tactics Course for Palestinian Police

Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) Special Police Force (SPF) is currently running a joint project with the Correction and Rehabilitation Centres Department (CRCD) in order to enhance their capabilities in several fields such as self-defence, crowd control, first aid and human rights.

The first successful train-the-trainer course, which took place at the SPF Training Centre in Nablus, from the 21st September to the 2nd October 2019, was delivered to 19 CRCD Officers, who became assistant trainers.

The SPF training Centre Commander underlined the high level of professionalism and commitment of the trainees which was essential for the high success of the training and for the project future actions.

The following phase of this project will include two training sessions, run at the new Nablus prison, where the 19 recipients of the training will deliver the training to other CRC Officers and subsequently expand the training to all CRC facilities in the West Bank, supported and supervised by the SPF trainers.

In the subsequent phases, the project will also include a workshop on serious incident management and live exercises on the several CRCD premises to test the response capacity, both by CRCD and SPF Forces. This project is being jointly run by the SPF Training Centre and CRCD, based on the local ownership principle, with the support and advice of the EUPOL COPPS Penitentiary Advisers and Senior Advisor for Special Police Forces.”