EUPOL COPPS facilitates study trip of Palestinian Judges to Romania

From 06 to 11 August 2016, EUPOL COPPS facilitated a study trip of the Palestinian Judicial Council (PJI) to Romania. As part of the creation of a pool of trainers at the PJI composed of judges from the High Judicial Council, nine Palestinian judges... more

EUPOL COPPS supports Fair Trial in Palestine

On Wednesday 27 July, EUPOL COPPS supported several  Justice and Police Institutions in organising a donor event on the topic of “fair trial”. The aim of the meeting was to show to the international donor community a unity of purpose within the... more

EUPOL COPPS delivers radios to Palestinian Police

On 26 July 2016, EUPOL COPPS delivered 26 handset radios to the Palestinian Civil Police Traffic Department (PCPTD). By providing PCPTD with those handheld radios, EUPOL COPPS aims to improve the PCPTD’s efficiency to undertake community policing... more

EUPOL COPPS hands over training equipment to Palestinian Police

On 26 July, EUPOL COPPS handed over training equipment to the Palestinian Civil Police Training Administration (PCP TA) to carry out “In-Service” trainings throughout the West Bank districts. The shipment consisted of 100 training blue knives, 100... more

EUPOL COPPS provide high visibility vests to the Traffic police

On 27 July EUPOL COPPS delivered 540 high visibility vests at Ramallah Palestinian Civil Police Traffic Department (PCPTD) facilities.

EUPOL COPPS delivers equipment to PCP media department

On 27 July, EUPOL COPPS delivered equipment to the Media and Public Relations Administration  of the Palestinian Civil Police.